Frequently Asked Questions

King SPA Online voucher system is similar to Groupon purchasing experience. Our online purchasing flow is as follows:

  1. “Add Cart” to purchase the voucher.
  2. Adjust quantity if needed, and proceed to check out.
  3. Fill out the information and place order.
  4. Once redirected to Paypal, choose a payment method (Paypal or Credit Card). Fill out the required information and purchase.
  5. Once payment is successful, you will receive an email with the voucher attachment. Present the print or on your mobile device when checking in.

Common issues with not receiving an email with the voucher code.

  1. Email address is misspelled
  2. Didn’t complete the Paypal transaction with “pay now” button
  3. Check you SPAM folder


Steps to solve the issue.

After Paypal payment, please check your credit card statement to see if the payment is pending. If the payment is pending, use the contact box to send us your information. We will help you to resolve the matter. Most likely, email address was misspelled. If there is no pending payment, Paypal transaction has failed. Most likely, the “pay” button wasn’t pressed at the final stage of  the payment process.

King SPA Online does not share your information with any 3rd party. We use the information to assist our customers only.

Didn’t get your voucher email?

Please fill out the form and let us help you receive the voucher.